The Ease

Among the love of Allah are the conveniences given to His creatures. For example, ease when doing good deeds. God reciprocated tenfold, even multiplying to seven hundred times, to the extent that only He knew. While bad deeds reciprocate one, in harmony with the crime committed. Nothing more.

When someone wants to commit immorality, sometimes he cancels it. This is the guarding of Allah. If a prophet and His apostle were called ‘ishmah (the ability of avoiding acts of disobedience, in spite of having the power to commit them). Allah’s protection of His believer servants is a testament to deep affection. Allah protects some of His servants from bad deeds. When someone stole for the first time, he felt guilty. But when he repeated it again then the guilt was reduced. If he continues to do so, he will lose his sinful feelings.

On the contrary, the fold of the reward that Allah promises to the good performers is not merely a nominal numeral. However, it is more of a motivation. If someone does a favor. He will be encouraged to do the other good things so that the more good he does.

The good thing that he has done finally created to new goodness, both from the good doers or from others who see the goodness. This is the meaning of doubling the rewards of goodness. Besides if the multiples of this dimension are actually multiplied by seven hundred or more.

With such ease, Allah’s authority will not subside. It does not diminish His grace, which is vast. And the ease is not only given to limited circles. He gave it to the believers and all human beings.

These conveniences do not make Allah hassle. Because every day Allah is bringing about a matter. (Surah ar-Rahman: 29). Day and night every day Allah created, watched, deaden, gave Rizq (provision), granted the request of His servants.

The bustle of Allah is the symbol of the preservation of His creation. As for Allah does not bother at all, because He is the greatest to organize everything.

Each of the billions of human beings and Allah’s creatures all bring with them the conveniences and facilities of life. Will we as intelligent and virtuous beings do not thankful or gratitude? As Allah says, “What would Allah do with your punishment if you are grateful and believe? And ever is Allah Appreciative and Knowing.”(Surah an-Nisâ: 147)

Among His servants who survived from His wrath are the grateful and the faithful. In this verse Allah mentions `gratitude` and then mentions `faith`. This is a sign that the gratitude is the entrance of a believer. A person cannot be call as a perfectly believer if he has not been good at grateful. Or there is another lesson, that only believers who able to give thanks to Allah.

Furthermore, in the end of the verse Allah says: “And ever is Allah Appreciative and Knowing.” Allah will extend and add His favor to a person when he is good at being grateful. Likewise Allah is Knowing, whether the gratitude of His servant is merely a matter of prudence or out of a heartfelt and sincere servitude.

The ease we always get from Allah. Everything is given free of charge and without any levy. Allah hand over his practical affairs between his fellow men so that his fellow men could help each other and make benefit. Food cost is given to the food vendor. Food ingredients transacted with the farmers or their suppliers.

Why we do not learn to ease others people’s matter? Why we do not evaluate, what is my reason to make others in difficulties? Why we do not teach the ease to others? Why we do not spread the ease between those who are in trouble? Wallahul musta’an.


Blessing Note 64

Jakarta, 08.14. 2017


*) Some part of this writing is quoted from the author’s book Kemenangan Cinta (Solo: Era Intermedia, 2005)

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