Student’s Coin for Palestine

The socialization team of Adara Relief International again picked up coins in SDQ Al-Hayah Condet East Jakarta on Wednesday 14 March 2018. This activity is a routine activity held every two months.

Coin pickup activity is a follow up of the Coin Movement launched by Adara a year ago. At that time the student was informed about the importance of Al-Aqsa Mosque and Palestinian cause through stories and watching movies.

300 recorded students wearing scout uniforms attended the Hall of Al-Hayah School. They sat neatly mingle with the kindergarten students of Al-Hayah and accompanied by their teachers.

The event ended with a prayer led by Kak Nia (Adara storyteller) after the story. There were some students who broke their tears due to their sadness and compassion towards their brothers and sisters in Palestine. They are far in the eye but close to hearts because they are brothers in faith.

The students have collected sum of IDR 6,150,500, – donation taken from daily coin of their pocket money for the Palestinian cause. O Children, may Allah reward you greatly (adararelief/i7).

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