Return the Tradition of Love and Brotherhood

Tagline minal aidin wal faizin is a great header after the month of Ramadan, that is to restore the traditions of goodness that began to rare and disappear. This time we will tell about love and brotherhood. A true story from the land of love.

Once, the companion of Ali bin Abi Talib wanted to have breakfast. He asked his wife, what kind of dish they would eat that morning. Fatima replied sadly that they had nothing. Ali rushed to his feet. His hungry condition and his family circumstances did not make him lethargic and weak. Instead, he excited stay out the house to seek Allah’s revelation, to support his family.

The hot afternoon drew his sweaty face. He grasped a few pieces of dirham. Full of gratitude, his glowing face implies joy. He’s ready to go home. To make his children and his wife happy.

On the way, he met his best friend, Al-Miqdad his brother in faith. His face was pale, his body wet with sweat. He asked his news. Al-Miqdad replied with a smile. Ali saw vaguely there was a pile of grief on his face.

“For God’s sake my soul in His grasp, I will not move my legs until you speak honestly what is your problem my brother?” Ali shook the body of al-Miqdad. Softly, he replied that he had been unable to feed his wife and children for two days.

Ali stunned for a moment, then gripped his friend’s shoulder. He picked it up as he stood up. “Brother, accept this. Although it was not much. Go back home immediately. Feed your family!” Ali took al-Miqdad’s hand, he gave some dirhams which he got that day. Miqdad embraces him happily.

Ali stared at al-Miqdad’s back away. After a while, he confused. What he would bring to home. The anxiety that led him to the Masjid an-Nabawi by late afternoon. In the Masjid, Ali met his father-in-law, Prophet Muhammad PBUH. His steadfast face made him stung by the spirit. His friendly smile made him grief disappear. His prestigious gaze made him reverent and replied to him.

“How are you Ali?” The father-in-law asked his son-in-law, Ali.

“Alhamdulillah good, O Rasulullah” Ali replied courteously.

Subsequent sentences that then made Ali really stunned. Rasulullah PBUH stated that tonight he was eager to have dinner at Ali’s house!

Ali’s heart stopped for a moment. Ali affirmed what the Prophet Muhammad PBUH said. In the night with a hesitant step Ali accompanied the great man to visit his home. His cold sweat kept coming out thinking what to serve for him.

Upon arriving at his home, Fatima’s cheerful face greeted with joy. Ali wondered. Because this morning her face was pale and lethargic. He grew astonished when she invited them to prepare for dinner.

“O my husband and my father. I have prepared dinner for you.”

Surprised, Ali looked at his wife. Fatimah felt her husband’s strange look suspiciously, she immediately said, “My husband. This afternoon there was someone carrying a message from your best friend, fulan. He sends food for you and your family “

Rasulullah PBUH smiled, adding. “Ali, this afternoon Jibril came to me. He told me to have dinner at your house “

Ali’s face lit up. He non-stop to praise to the Most Gracious and Merciful

That is a true story of brotherhood. There are dozens or even hundreds of similar stories. Stories of love and fraternity perpetuated by the history. That transformed into a powerful force, when Muslims serve a love episode and brotherhood well, then this people is really prestigious and dignified. It is time we return this tradition of love and brotherhood.


Blessing Note 57

Sydney, 03.06.2017



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