History of Palestine #3

In 1917 , UK gave a secret promise to support the Jews, in establishing a national homeland in Palestine and support emmigration and land ownership. This promise was bakced up by US government as well, and this promise had a significant effect on the Palestinian plight.

A third wave of immigrants arrived, and Jews population become 12%. Nonetheless, Jews land ownership did not exceed 3%! With this canges, Palestine demography changed dramatically and more problems arose between arabs and Jews. 7 big Palestinian conferences were held to denounce Balfour declaration.

First Intifadha (uprising) broke out in 1920 and big turbulances took place in Jafa (1921). A conference in Nablus called for economic boycot with Zionists.

The supreme muslim council was established with the leadership pf Amin Al-Husseini (1922). And on the other side, the Hagana was established as a millitary zionist organization. Although it was covert and illegal, Britain supported it dirrectly and indirectly. In the same time, Britain ised to arrest every arab who hides a weapon  in his house.

More immigration waves came from Poland, Russia, Germany and others. Jewish population increased to 17%. Riots around Al buroq wall (wetern wall) broke out in Al-Aqsha mosque. More Palestinians joined the uprisings and in 1933 Alquds big revolt broke out.

2 year later, the leade ‘Ezzuddeen al-Qassam died whit his friends while fighting the British (Ya’bad war). Another wave of immigrants reached Palestine with quarter of a million Jews, Jews population increased to 30%.

And the big Palestinian Revolution will happen.



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