ASPAC Received Visit of Ihya Al-Turats Al-Othmani Turkey

Oke Setiadi, Secretary General of Asia Pacific Community for Palestine (ASPAC) received a visit from Junaid Demiral, Chief Executive of Ihya Al-Turats Al-Othmani Foundation on Tuesday (03/27) in an event of Circle of Palestine (COP) volunteers at Mathlaul Anwar Central office in Jakarta.

At the opening of the event Setiadi explained that the event consists of three main agendas. The first is a lecture on the Pillars of movement. The second, contains updates on the current situation that occurred at Al-Aqsa Mosque and its surroundings, as well as social projects being run there. The third is the ASPAC action plan to welcome Earth Day which will fall on this coming Friday  (30/03).

Asfuri Bahri, a member of Fatwa’s board of Mathlaul Anwar explained among the important pillars in building the movement is full faith that God will give a complete victory to the Muslims. He argued that with potentiality Muslims has in the form of religious teachings, the Qur’an, history, it is only the Muslim Ummah that has the potential to be capable and victorious to lead human civilization. Asfuri further explained: “but with one condition the victory will only be achieved that in every way we always return to Islam: Islam is the solution!”

Demirel, who was accompanied by several colleagues, explained the current situation surrounding Al-Aqsa Mosque where the Israeli Jews are currently preparing for Easter in the mosque area. Jews had stuck to leaflets on the walls of the mosque containing notice that Muslims do not come to the mosque on the day of the Passover celebration since 6 am. According to him “this in one way one is a form of prohibition against Muslims to come praying to their mosque.”

According to him, in addition to defiling the sanctity of the mosque with the coming Easter celebration, the Jews have also slandered the Islamic heritage by destroying the graves of the companions of the Prophet (pbuh), building tunnels under the mosque which they use as a means of worship.

Demirel further explains that even further the Occupation Authority puts social pressure on the people living in the Old City that surrounds the Aqsa Mosque, by intimidating the community either through mobile inspections or other means. Jews also strictly restrict the in and out of citizens to and from the Old City, and have led to high living costs there and rising unemployment and poverty. This is done with the aim that people do not feel easy at home and leave their hometown. Thus the Jews will be able to fully control the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

Ahmad Issa, who accompanied Demirel from Ihya Al-Turats Al-Otshmani foundation presented several of their running projects. Among them are giving allowance to children and people who bind themselves in Al-Aqsa by giving breaking fast, gifts of Eid, meal. The Foundation works on media project to proclaim the condition of Al-Aqsa to reach all Muslims in the world, because according to him, the Jews want Al-Aqsha to be isolated. The Foundation also provides health services for children and aged people, advocating for children with legal cases. The Foundation also has a program of preparing the role of the ummah to serve for the city of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) such as preparing public kitchens, endowment programs, health services, and empowerment.

Muhammad Irfan Abdul Aziz, Head of Volunteer Program of Circle of Palestine Program, explained about ASPAC’s action plan to express solidarity to the Great Return March (GRM) held on the coming Friday  (30/03). Within these two days ASPAC will invite communities to produce writing, meme, selfie photos, videos with several themes that all pursue on the goal of solidarity to GRM in social media.

Irfan listed several communities that he plan to invite to join this program, among others: FLP blogger community, Hijrah Community who produce Palestine merchandise; MP4Palestine, Muda Berdakwah, etc (i7).


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