Eyewitnesses: IOF executed Palestinian woman in cold blood

OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Eyewitnesses affirmed to the PIC news reporter that the Palestinian woman Fadwa Abu Teir was deliberately executed by Israeli soldiers near al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, stressing that she was not holding a knife. One of the eyewitnesses, who managed to reach the scene after hearing gunshots, said that Fadwa was directly hit in her eye and in the upper part of her body. She was left lying on the ground bleeding for more than half an hour before being proclaimed dead, she added. “I could see with my own eyes there was no knife on the ground,” the eyewitnesses stressed, denying the Israeli claims saying she was holding a knife. For his part, Dr. Amin Abu Ghazala said that Palestinian medical crews were prevented at first from reaching the victim. He added, “We have been then allowed to check her critical situation, and we tried to resuscitate her but it was too late. She received three bullets in her right eye and abdomen.” Local sources said the Israeli soldiers fired multiple shots at 50-year-old Fadwa Abu Teir and prevented the ambulance crew from reaching the scene to evacuate the casualty to hospital. Fadwa was reportedly left bleeding on the ground until she breathed her last. Amnesty International has earlier released a report that called into question a number of accounts in which Palestinians were shot and killed after alleged stabbing incidents. The group found that many of the cases were extrajudicial killings. “There is mounting evidence that, as tensions have risen dramatically, in some cases Israeli forces appear to have ripped up the rule book and resorted to extreme and unlawful measures.” Philip Luther, Director of the Middle East and North Africa Program at Amnesty said. “They seem increasingly prone to using lethal force against anyone they perceive as posing a threat, without ensuring that the threat is real.”

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